Assemblage New England (Curatorial Proposal)

Timeframe would likely be summer 2012, possibly in conjunction and co-promoted with Berkshire, Massachusetts area Art Walks.  Drop me a line if this sounds interesting to you.

Assemblage is now a prevalent art form, but still not well known.

This show-either juried or invitational-would offer New England’s assemblagists the chance not only to present  their own art but also to support the art form in which they work by helping build greater public appreciation and awareness. The show would bring leading assemblage art historians and critics to the public in the form of lectures on the history of assemblage in America and the defining differences between assemblage and other art media in their reflection of the culture and societal changes that have taken and continue to take place at a bewildering pace.

Where does assemblage come from, and who were the seminal forces in the development of this art medium of the 20th century? What is the state of assemblage in New England today? What does assemblage art have to say to us about our self-reflecting consumerist culture? These are the types of questions this show will seek to answer.

2 thoughts on “Assemblage New England (Curatorial Proposal)

  1. This is a proposal I’ve pitched, although it has been some time since last tossed about. Time to revive it? You’re a perfect candidate for inclusion.

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