CF03 (Murphy Piano Bench)

CF03 (Murphy Piano Bench

What does one do with limited space but a full-sized piano keyboard?  Here’s a commission that provides one answer: a “Murphy Bed” style cabinet that presents family images when folded up, and provides correct height keyboard access when down.  The body of the cabinet is poplar, painted white; photograph collage trim is cherry with brass corner caps, and Plexiglas glazing.  Note the bottom cut outs for power and electronics cables.

3 thoughts on “CF03 (Murphy Piano Bench)

  1. Stumbled on this old post today. I love the idea. How has this performed with time? Any trouble with the keyboard due to frequent rotation or side storage?

  2. The keyboard in this instance is a Roland 1000, and there has never been a problem with it in the dozen-plus years it has been used with the murphy piano bench. On the other hand, the particular piano player has grown up and flown the coop, so there’s not much recent data, as it were.

    Thanks for your stumble!

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