Poetry and Writing

I’m finishing up a new chapbook that carries the working title of Everyday Requiem, and in 2000 I produced The P. I. Poems, a limited edition of my first chapbook in almost 30 years.   By the way, for $10, including shipping, you can buy The P. I. Poems.

I’ve also written short fiction, including a book-length collection of inter-related stories set in a post-nuclear holocaust.  Basically, I was sickened by the cavalier attitudes of most of the writers within this particular science-fiction sub-genre that would glibly have billions die, more or less so that the hero could have his gun and girl.  My work–unfinished in draft because of lack of time and skill– is called Lucky Lowell and I do hope to get back to it someday.  At least I learned a lot about nuclear weapons and their effects, including from several GPO (Government Printing Office) published public domain works, including The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, which comes complete with a “Nuclear Bombs Effects Computer,” if that isn’t strange enough.

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