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Assemblage = Art

I make art, and I’d like to get gallery representation, continue to exhibit, receive more critical attention, and gain lots more sales to people who love my work, like my work, or consider my work, for whatever reason they might imagine, to be a good investment.  To see my sculpture, click Assemblage.

Commissions = Art & Commerce

I also make things that are art in most or some ways, but which suit a particular buyer (“commissioner”) and that takes a particular form derived, to some degree, in collaboration with said commissioner.  The main area of this site relevant to this sort of thing is, not surprisingly, Custom Furniture,  which is the place to go to see examples of things I’ve made for other people or some ideas for such things.  There are specific foci in my commission offerings, including Light Panels & Slide Displays, which celebrate the fading media of slides and transparencies, and Memento Mori/Memento Viva, which are shrine-like objects commissioned by people to retain and present important aspects and memories of their selves, family, friends, and experiences. Typically–not that there is anything necessarily typical about any of these efforts–the process starts with the collection of materials from the patron, and as much conversation about the objects and family, friends, or experiences that are the focus.

Lamps, Etc. = Wholesale Markets

While I’m more than happy to sell to individual buyers any and all lamps, sconces, and wall vases, the main intent is to pursue the wholesale market several “lines” of one-of-a-kind products, including Art Lamps,  Wall Sconces, and Wall Vases.

A Note to Wholesalers

If confession is good for the soul, then perhaps it too will help sales: I am only at the start of investigating the potential that a number of my “products” may have in selling into the wholesale market.  I already know, however, that when I speak of “wholesale” I’m speaking of a number of different markets, including the following:

  • Fine crafts galleries/stores and the wholesalers that service them 
  • Architects, interior designers, and interior decorators, and specialty services that meet their needs 
  • Lighting and display specialists and the suppliers that meet their needs 

Wholesale Product Lines

As much as I’m not keen to think of my work in terms of “product lines,” the shoe fits.  What this term doesn’t do justice to is the one-of-a-kind nature of the pieces that can be realized–indeed, not available in any other way–because of the very aspect of these handmade pieces.  Even while the quantity demands of wholesale markets (and the issues of price points and margins) require efficient production planning and capacity, each piece remains hand-built and unique.

Art Lamps/Slide Displays

As the lamps displayed in this site illustrate, the variety and differences are great not only between lamp types, but also within a type.  This is because of the following variables:

  • ceramic elements can be widely varied in shape, texture, and glaze 
  • woods used can be varied, both in terms of species (including, too, the use of “multi-wood” blanks) and in regard to finish 
  • shapes and designs can vary, including in such things as height and format (e.g., table lamp or floor lamp) 
  • lighting (such as bulb-type, wattage), electrical elements (such as switches, dimmers), and lens style and material (e.g., Plexiglas, glass, translucent paper, metal reflectors, etc.) can be varied 
  • other elements such as metal and rock used as counter-weights, bracing and other structural materials, and decorative touches (e.g., use of marbles or ceramics as screw hole covers) provide many opportunities to differentiate among

Wall Vases

Wall vases are hand-built slab watertight containers.  Sizes, textures, clay types, glazes, and designs are widely malleable and intrinsically unique.

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